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You're the expert on your life. Our job at Julian & Associates is to support your journey through high-quality mental health therapy here in Cedar Rapids.

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Meet Us

nikki julian, Ph.d,lmhc
Owner and Therapist

At Julian & Associates, our mission is to promote, facilitate, and support the mental health and well-being of our communities through high-quality and compassionate individual, couple and family therapy.
We understand the destructive power of trauma and the maladaptive skills that are developed through the process of survival. Our skilled therapists will work with you to provide the most effective treatment option for your needs.
​Through supportive counseling, we equip our clients with cognitive, behavioral and mindfulness skills to find peace to live authentically with internal contentment and empowerment.

​​​​Meet our therapists

​​Nikki is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with more than 13 years of mental health counseling experience. Nikki earned her PhD in Rehabilitation and Counselor Education in 2012 from the University of Iowa. She attained her MS.ED in Mental Health Counseling from Northern State University in 2004, and graduated from Presentation College in 2002 with a BS in Communications and a minor in Psychology. ​
Nikki received specialty training in sex therapy from the Florida Sex Therapy Institute in 2009 and in EMDR Therapy from the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Institute in 2015. Nikki has special interest and is experienced in working with sexual and gender identity development, childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress, attachment and chronic stress and sexual dysfunction, as well as chronic depression, anxiety, adjustment and mood disorders.
Nikki works with adult individuals, couples and adolescents over the age of 15. Nikki is a member of the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association and is an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS).

Contact Nikki by phone: 319.382.4720 or email: nikkijulian@julian-associates.com.

​Our Mission